Gemini Man, the sci-fi thriller with sci - and - fi - but not much thrill.

It has great visual work and solid performances but the script is just not there. The plot makes no sense and not even possible-sense to not get distracted by the poor storyline. It's definitely a first to see what they did with Will Smith playing himself and his younger self.  The effects that make him young are great but despite all the effects, they can't make this one worthwhile. Unfortunately, the advanced computer-generated tactics involved cannot help this one.

Will Smith plays top assassin Henry Brogan who is targeted and chased by a mysterious young operative that knows his next move. He finds out that the man who's trying to kill him is his younger, faster clone.

Although the high frame rate creates incredible coloring and fantastic special effects -- this action-less film just double downs on "what were you thinking when you saw the final cut and signed off.


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