Once you get past the aboslutely stunning, never-looked-better, Jennifer Lopez on a strip pole in the first scene, then you can focus and figure out if you're still conscious enough from the visual feast of her heaert-stopping sexuality, to continue enjoying this movie, and if you can, you will. J-Lo is the reason you go see this movie and she does not disappoint. Jennifer Lopez struts onto stage and your eyes are glued.
This is an acting career-best perfromance from J-lo. Everything she has been doing in the last two years has been off the charts. She is rocking her world and we are coming along for the ride including in Hustlers. The praise she's been receiving for this movie is well deserved, no matter what you think of her to date.  In this one, she performs at the highest level, nothing like anything she has ever done.
The based-on-a-true-story heist drama, with a wiff of buddy comedy, is rivetting due to glowing characters and lively performances that lighten up each scene, that you can't take your eyes off this crew. Based on a 2015 article in New York Magazine, Hustlers is the true story of some New York strippers and pole dancers who found a way to survive through the 2008  Wall Street crisis by drugging their most wealthy Wall Street clients running up their  credit cards in a drugging escapade that screams part insane and part - wow. The storyline is solid as it depicts the true story of these women who turned one of the biggest cons on Wall Street finance types in strip club history.
The script is written by director Lorene Scafaria and it's better then you will expect. Lopez leads the pack in a story of female empowerment even though they are breaking the law. It's a movie about this group of stippers tale who swindle money from business  men (usually married men) who wanted action. The men don't get action, they get fleeced and the ride Scafaria takes us on is well plotted and executed.  The strippers were bad girls, no doubt about it, but as a slice of life that many of us do not see, it shows the underbelly of reality for men in the big cities.  Jennifer Lopez plays Ramona, the mother hen of the group, Concstance Wu is Destiny, Keke Palmer is Mercedes, Lili Reinhart is Annabelle, Lizzo plays Liz,  Cardi B is Diamond, and Julia Stiles plays journlaist Elizabeth who tells their story that got printed and then ultimately turned into this movie.
All in all, fun film that definitely puts Jennifer Lopez into a new league of her own now.
It made $33.3 million it's opening weekend. Will have along shelf life on all platforms.

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