So well deserved for Renee Zellweger. To no surprise she was slam dunk to win best actress for Judy. Set 30 years after her fame, biopic Judy takes place long after Judy Garland's heyday but it's the star, playing the star, not the movie, that shines Oscar worthy. Renée Zellweger brings Judy Garland to life with a strong and captivating performance that will absolutely land an Oscar nomination, and likely a win, embodying a role beyond what we expect. Played with perfection, Zellweger's performance of the legendary star is bigger than the script, filmmaking and movie itself. She plays the actress, who was known to always do things big and with all she had with full gusto, with acting that has her completely disappear into the character.
The film was directed by Rupert Goold (True Story). In it, we see Garland, in her mid-40s homeless and taking whatever bookings she can get, so going to London was as good as it gets. There, she doesn't want to rehearse, is not agreeable, is stressed, is an alcoholic, is broke, is an insomniac and is missing her children badly. We see some of Garland's days at MGM with studio head Louis B. Mayer who was so hard on her when she was a teen. In those days she was being fed uppers to stop her appetite and downers. We don't really learn much about what made her tick and why she was so tormented and spent a life of medications and mutiple husbands but it's ok.

When you hear Zellweger sign "Over the Rainbow" in her own voice, it is throughly mesmermizing and heartbreaking, you actually feel Judy's heart. It's clear that Zellweger threw herself completely and intensively into the role and it's never cartoonish. She transforms into Garland taking the performance beyond the script words on the page and beyond a performance. Overall, the movie is dark and not the usual comfortable biopic but it is thee comeback roll of a lifetime.....

and so the winner was....Renee.





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