Quentin Tarentino's 9th film  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood  is fun romp down memory lane to L.A. 1969 and an homage multiple storyline movie that should not be compared to anything else. Go in with absolutely zero expectaions and enjoy the period  set design, old landmarks we all know today, some great banter between two leading men and understand that it is not Inglourious Bastards but the pace keeps it never preditable and always entertaining.

Leo and Brad are great together. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Rick Dalton a fadng TV star. Leo does seem a bit oddly cast as an aging actor when we will see his baby baby standing at the very tip of the Titantic. Brad Pitt plays Cliff Booth his aging loyal stuntman and chaffeur whose job is also lessening as Dalton's career folds up. Pitt is perfectly cast. They are both good vollying off each other.

Margo Robbie plays Sharon Tate and she nails it as we think we know her, the only problem is she needed more on camera time. She didn't get to shine as she truly is a solid actress and could have used a few more scenes.

Lots of visual jokes. Lots of verbal banter. Worth the bag of poprcorn to sit back and enjoy the Tarentino ride. Sometimes this director seems to like himeself too much and yes we have to just accpet that of him, as he definitley likes his filmmaking techniques and execution but it's ok, seeing Hollywood's top actors do their thing (and don't forget Al Pacino) is just what we go to movies for. As far as the ending, well all I can say is - it's shocking. Be prepared. Not easy on the stomach and Tarrentino rewrites history, that's for sure. But then he's Quentin Tarentino.

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