Gloria Bell, starring Julainne Moore, is about a disco-dancing divorcee who loves to move her body to the beat of the music, who spends her days in an office insurance job, coming out at night on the dance floors of L.A. At the club, she neets recently single Arnold, played by John Tuturro, who is interested but not as available as we would want. They get invovled quickly but Arnold can't seem to tell his daughters about her yet while she's got issues going on too. Gloria's son played by Michael Cera is a new father, her daughter played, by Caren Pistorius, has a yoga business but they just don't have enough time for her wo music is her retreat. The story turns into the happiness of new love with the complications of dating, identity and family.

The film has a smooth rhythm to move your emotions. Moore is beyond excellent as a middle aged 50-something free spirit who sings out loud in her car and get stoned on the floor. Through it all this is her movie. This is Moore's slam dunk. She gives a perfectly nuanced performance in this character study that truly shows what a fine actress she is. The entire film creates one of the best characters around and a movie that leaves you enjoying the movie making process.

The film is rated R.

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