The Cleanse is a dark comedy/ horror film that is offbeat and takes a look at people's inner demons. Written by Bobby Miller and directed by Miller as well, it takes you down a road you were likely not planning before you walked into the theater. Johnny Galecki (TV's "Big Bang Theory) plays an out of work down and out, a heartbroken man trying to find happiness. It's a mix of horror, comedy, and drama. Galecki was meant to play this part (somehow he seems to like this guy deep down inside) Paul decided to go to a spiritual retreat in the hopes of restarting his life. He is hoping for a cleanse and hopes to fix his broken world. He finds out he is cleansing more than he thought. The film co-stars Anna Friel, the always great Oliver Platt and Academy Award Winner Anjelica Huston as the chiefs of this of this retreat. I liked it off the top but then felt it lost its way. The ending left not happy with the dark turn it chose to take. Some reviewers have said they especially liked the ending but for, me it was not happening. It's only 81 minutes of running time so the end comes earlier than you'd think. The movie is definitely offbeat and one that you will like or walk out going - next. Rating: R (for language including some sexual references) In Theaters: 


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