The House with a Clock in Its Walls from Universal and Amblin Entertainment takes you into a world of whimsicial fantasy with Jack Black and Cate Blanchette. It's a ride into the adventures of 10-year old Lewis (Owen Vaccaro) who lives in his uncles house (Black) with a mysterious ticking heartbeat. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to witches and warlocks. Blanchett plays the nieghbor next door who happens to be a witch. Little Lewis learns about magic and the hidden clock finding out what just might happen. It's marketed as family-friendly with a mix of horror and comedy.
The PG film is directed by Eli Roth (Hostel, Green Inferno, Death Wish) and written by Eric Kripke. It's a fun ride at times despite the horror. Starts off well but it does loose steam while you're sitting there hoping it will continue past the first half but somehwere along the way it looses its way with a plot that is not flushed out and set up properly. The special effects are excellent, set design is excellent, and the 1950's house itself is great as its own character. The acting is solid with Blancett and Black delivering strong performances as they always do.
The movie as a whole has a Tim Burton feel but it never quite gets there and here's another issue: It's a children's movie made mainly for those under the age of 12 but most children, I predict, will be too scared. Adults will find it fun but it is a kids movie - so - go at your own nightmare and trembling risk for anyone you take that is underage!

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